Aziziya Mushrifa, Al Tadamun Al Arabi Street, Al Tadamun Business Center, KSA
Sun-Thu 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Aziziya Mushrifa, Al Tadamun Al Arabi Street, Al Tadamun Business Center, KSA
Sun-Thu 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Staffing Solutions Services
Find out our support to your organizations efficiently manage workforce needs, reduce hiring risks, increase flexibility, and optimize resource allocation.
Industry-Leading Guarantee
Hospitality Services
Making meaningful connections with your guests and making them feel welcome, comfortable and valued.
Professional Housekeeping Service
Housekeeping Services
Manage a clean, safe and hygenic enviroment for your guests and maintaining the quality of the facilities.
Landscaping Services
Statement Come to show you our best views and solutions to your green and non green spaces we aw expertise in keeping your property green clean and trim.
Pest Control Services
Be safe in your home, maintain your property free from insects, we are the efficient solution in prevent, suppresss and eradicate all types of pests.
Building maintenance & Mep Services
Our skilled technician's expertise to keep your building standby, operating, reliable and safe within the efficient maintenance cost.
Renovation & Remodelling Services
The exterior shell, doors, windows, walls, ceiling and floors are suffered from Obsolescence factors and mis-design, we prepared ourselves to meet these solutions.
Third Party Specialized Systems Services
Choose our solutions in firefighting, elevators, alarms & detectors, escalators, security and BMS and keep Safe.
More than 12 Years of Experience


We are a leading integrated services industry of operation, maintenance, and facilities management, Allied Est. is one of the sister companies that corporate together in an interchange relationship but still retained their identities, This strategy allows the sisters effectively mobilize their experience and resources to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. Our services are provided across a wide range of industries, commercial and residential facilities in KSA

Manage your premises!

We are continuing provides supportive services and contribute to our clients as a partner delivering them the high-quality services necessary to maximize the stakeholder’s added value through standardized disciplined work and expert teamwork in premises management and services required to accommodate and support the core business activities of the client

We strongly focus on the right outcomes that make our service results stronger, our team could logically define the defects in work processes and adjust the variances of work plans to reach the required quality standards within the specific timelines.
  • Facilities management soft services.
  • Facilities management hard services.
Facility Soft Services

Manage your property to maintain a Safe, Clean, Green, and comfortable environment

Maintaining a reliable environment for your workplace, premises, and residence, keeping it clean, green, and safe, needs the utmost effort and highly trained staff that could make your property enjoy a comfortable and welcoming environment.
Our trained team is experts in meeting your demands in areas of housekeeping services, hospitality, landscaping, staffing solutions, pest control, and landscaping services.

House Keeping
Maintain the reliability and operation of your facility’s
Practically Proven and Effectively Done

Allied Est. uses its management and practical experience in operation, maintenance, and reliability to work with companies on various projects in a large volume of facilities and provide many kinds of staffing solutions on more than 12 years of work in facilities management's soft and hard services

Assess support Service Requirement
Develop service delivery plan and QA policy
Implement tasks within timelines
Measure performance and Promises fulfilling

Facility Reliability is to do what expected with the required quality and timelines

Important Information

Uniqueness in the Facilities Operation and Maintenance

Our Team

We selectively built a talented team that supports and achieves our mission and goals, trained to meet customers' requirements, and work outcomes.

Our Delivery

We developed services delivery quality framework to provide added value to our customers, to ensure consistent and high-quality service delivery

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services including cleaning, staffing-solutions, housekeeping, hospitality, building maintenance, and renovation, landscaping, and pest control.


We conduct frequent quality control inspections to ensure the required service criteria are met.

Get The Best Facilities
Operation Services Levels
Our service standards cover timeliness, accuracy, responsiveness, professionalism, and courtesy.
Need Facilities Hard and
Soft Services?

We’re here to bring you the facility services you need.

Questions & Answers
What should I expect on my first appointment?
We will arrive at your place, listen to your story, assess the support service requirements, propose a suitable solution, develop a service delivery plan, implement tasks within timelines, measure performance, and promise fulfillment.
What all is included in your service?
Talented skilled technicians and Labors with extensive facilities services practices, equipment and materials supplies if required by clients, services quality policy, and SOPs.
Do you finish service at the agreed suitable time?
Our team is great and highly skilled, trained to meet the project deadline, and very disciplined to implement tasks within the timelines, and they are accountable to Allied Est. Management.
Are you ready for a response?
Immediately, we are always on standby 24/7 at any time any place in KSA
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Services are offeredd without contract and can be modified at any time.

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What to Expect
Ready for Your Home or Office
to Feel Rejuvenated?
Our team is well trained and highly qualified experts in professional cleaning and disinfect services to keep all types of premises clean and safe. We segment our services under six segments to make it easier for you to choose!
  • Customized Service Schedule
  • High Services Quality
  • Trusted & experienced staff
  • Daily Support Service Follow-up
  • Intervals worksite Visit
  • Services Performance Reporting
  • Client Respect
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